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Tuesday 27 September 2011

The secret to being positive.

by Martin Sadler (GQA EV)

As a Personal Performance Coach, one of the top questions I am asked by either business clients or private clients is “ How can I stay positive when things around me are going wrong”

This is a very common question in life you hear people say “ Today is not going well” “Everything I try goes wrong” “ Why does it always happen to me?” If you ask someone how they feel 9 times out of 10 you will get the response “Not Bad, OK I suppose” All of these are very common reactions to things in our life that do not go as well as we thought they could have or how we currently feel inside.

The issue is when you have this view of the world you tend to find a lot more things in your life or business that are not going as well as they could have. The more you place you focus on the negative aspects around you, the more you find and the worse you will feel.

So, what is the secret of being positive, the answer is very simple it is CHOICE!

We all have a choice in how we view the world around us, we can either see all of the negative or we can see all of the positive and that all just boils down to where we place our focus in life.

§ The only person who can make that choice is you.

§ You can choose how you respond to events that are happening around you

§ You can chose to respond to what you hear people say about you

§ You can choose how you view life both now and in the future

§ You can choose to be positive or to be negative

§ You can choose to be the cause or the effect of things around you.

In life and business you can choose to blame others for where you find yourself currently of you can take action and make things different for you.

Instead of blaming others for how you feel, you need to start to look much closer to home, in fact it starts with the person you see looking back at you in the mirror

The only person who can change how you respond to any situation is YOU. You have a choice on whether you want to be positive or negative, you can either look for everything that is wrong with something or everything that is right about it. If you think that you will never be able to change something you are right. However if you feel that you can change something you are also right. You just choose which one you prefer to act on.

How do you stay positive in a world of negativity?

It is all about what you choose to focus on, when you hear people saying negative things about you or your situation, it says more about them than it does about you. They do not know what you feel inside and what you can do, only you know that.

I am not saying that you should look at every situation as being fully positive, what I am saying is look at the positives you can get from a situation, because when you start to look for them you will find them.

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