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Wednesday 7 December 2011

Vocational College Candidates comment on GQA qualifications

As an External Verifier it’s always great to hear of NVQ candidates talking about their qualifications and the assessment process and recently Allan Murray had the pleasure of listening to 3 GQA qualification candidates from the Vocational College doing just this.

Kevin McBride of JWS Windows and Doors in St Helens, indicated that he felt that the quality and efficiency of his work has improved through taking the GQA Glass Processing Level 2 NVQ, giving factual examples. This was supported by his supervisor, Paul Holt, stating that production and demand figures are up and more consistent than ever and quality targets are being met more consistently.

Chris Billinge of James Price Glazing gave a similar picture; his GQA Fenestration Installation Level 2 NVQ was part of a company-wide initiative that he feels has had a positive effect on the company as a whole, with special note for Health and Safety improvements, giving the example that accidents had fallen by 44% since introducing the NVQ programme. Chris also went on to indicate that he felt the improvement in quality of installation was a major factor in James Price Glazing winning contracts with Liverpool F.C.

Mark Devine, also of James Price Glazing, said that after 27 years in the industry, undertaking the GQA Fenestration Installation Level 2 NVQ opened his eyes to the skills he uses every-day that he previously didn’t give a second thought to and that he is proud of his achievement.