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Wednesday 1 February 2012

Laser Marking for Glass Containers

A recent development in covert anti-counterfeiting is the use of laser marking. The most sophisticated technologies are deployed in the packaging of higher-ticket items such as vintage wines and spirits.
One such technology is revolutionising the industry: as laser that can write on the inside of glass without damaging the outside.

Axel Kupisiewicz, founder of Trackinside, which makes the laser says, “We have developed a laser technology that allows us to make markings inside transparent materials without damaging them in anyway...there no fissures, no cracks, nothing.  And we’re not using additives, like ink so there are no consumables. We use nothing but laser to put the hologram inside the glass”

The laser system etches a unique code below the surface of glass containers, at a rate of 10 engravings per second. The focused laser beam leaves permanent marks that do not weaken the container and can easily be read by a computer. A camera then captures the code and puts it on screen, allowing the system to decode the information contained in the data matrix. It can also check the anti-counterfeiting data in the coding.