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Thursday 15 November 2012

If the learner can’t come to the classroom...

All Assessors will have come across the situation where they and the student have had to make do with a far from ideal environment to carry out assessment activities. Although most Employers are more than happy to provide suitable facilities sometimes logistics and operational issues make this a challenge. Balancing a portfolio and the relevant assessment paperwork on a reel of paper or trying to carry out a Professional Discussion in a corner of a canteen are issues that have to be managed and overcome. Additionally the practicalities of getting students into a College or other Training Centre can be a logistical nightmare particularly where Apprentices are involved as many are not able to drive.
 Jon Bray from Learn2print covers the whole of the UK in offering Print qualifications and has a novel solution to this-he has invested in a specially adapted vehicle that can be used as a classroom or quiet place for carrying out Professional Discussions in a relaxed environment. The sign written vehicle allows Jon the flexibility to visit students on site and also helps Jon keep his costs down by reducing outlay on meeting rooms and overnight accommodation when seeing students in some distant parts of the UK.
Jon said “In the current climate anything that can give us the opportunity to deliver qualifications in a cost effective manner and cause minimum disruption to the Employer has to be investigated and this has proved a benefit for Learn2print and the addition of Learn2print and GQA logos is a great form of advertising. “ 
GQA Technical Officer and External Verifier Sean Hayes said “Jon’s initiative in overcoming the issues that can arise when delivering training and qualifications on site is to be applauded. When Jon asked if he could display the GQA logo on the vehicle it took all of 2 seconds to agree - keep a look out for the big green Q  travelling around the country!”
To find out more about Learn2print visit their website