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Wednesday 2 January 2013

Dianne Smith Associates - Apprentices at Coalville Glass

Having qualified most of the workforce through NVQ level 2 and 3 for over 8 years now, Dianne Smith Associates Ltd, see new Apprentices at Coalville Glass as a natural and welcome progression.
Coalville Glass MD Ray Whitehorn says “We will continue to develop our workforce, we’re a family run business and the dictates the ethos that runs throughout our business, we are concerned with generations here, not just the present.  Apprentices are a great way of investing in the future, they have all settled in well and we expect great things of them”
Coalville Glass Director Deborah Whitehorn keeps a watchful and guiding eye over all the Apprentices progress and development “it is a major commitment to take on a large number of youngsters, but we will feel it is the best way forward for our future” said Deborah.
DSA Directors Dianne and David are naturally delighted and are pleased to see the recent massive investment made in terms of staff and plant are paying off for Coalville Glass.