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Wednesday 16 January 2013

Just what is Fenestration?

Whilst GQA have been offering Fenestration related qualifications for around 20 years, we still get asked the question, what does ‘Fenestration’ actually mean?
Candidates and Assessors alike ask the question even though they have worked within this environment for many years.
  • Wikipedia: Fenestration is the design and arrangement of openings in a building envelope, such as windows, doors , and skylights
  • Chambers English Dictionary: the arrangement of windows in a building
  • Websters-Online Dictionary: In simplest terms, windows or glass doors.  Technically  fenestration is described as any transparent or translucent material plus any sash, frame, mullion or divider.  This includes windows, sliding glass doors, French doors, skylights, curtain walls or garden windows