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Wednesday 27 August 2014

Call to GQA Centres – Have you nominated one of your candidates for the Young Person Award at the NFA’s

The National Fenestration Awards is the industry’s first open platform awards, which aims to recognise all areas of the UK Fenestration Industry.
Founded in 2013 in response to a groundswell of support for an independent and all-inclusive event, the National Fenestration Awards aims to recognise all facets of the Fenestration Industry by inviting everyone to register on the site and nominate and vote on who they thing deserves recognition.
There are no judges and no panels. The final outcome of the competition is decided completely by industry participation.  All registered users get to submit nominations for each of the 13 categories, which then get narrowed down to shortlists based on the number of nominations.  Registered users can then vote on those shortlisted to decide the overall winner.  Its’ as simple as that.
GQA Qualifications are proud sponsors of this year’s Young Person 2014 award, created to search for the cream of the crop of the industry’s younger generation. The fit between Young Person 2014 and GQA Qualifications was a perfect fit.  GQA’s business is based solely on personnel development and skills and our role in providing qualifications goes hand in hand with the NFA’s aim behind the Young Person award.
The nomination phase ends Monday September 1st at 23:59pm.  Registration to take part is completely free and takes less than a minute.  Simply click the link below to go to the registration page on the NFA site, enter your details and click the link in the confirmation email that is sent, it’s a simple as that to make your vote count.
I know there are lots of young people out there working towards or have achieved a GQA qualification, who would be deserving of the award – so nominate them!