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Thursday 22 September 2011

DEL NI Announce Changes to funding for Adult Apprentices

Changes have been announced to the funding arrangements for adult (25 years +) apprentices in Northern Ireland. As part of the draft Department for Employment and Learning (DEL) Budget, the proposal to fully remove funding for adult apprentices was originally included as a savings measure. However it has now been announced that DEL intend to retain funding for adult apprenticeships at a rate of 50% which is good news.

ApprenticeshipsNI funding rates for apprentices aged 16–24 year olds remains unchanged at 100%. (Those who are over 24 years and who are currently signed up, and those signed
up by 30 September 2011, will continue to be fully funded).

The DEL Minister has also announced a policy review of adult funding to inform the priority skill needs of the local economy, to ensure that resources are targeted more effectively and the specific needs of adult learners are addressed. It is anticipated that the revised policy and funding position for adults will be implemented during 2012-2013.

For further information contact
Diane Weatherup, Proskills Northern Ireland Manager, or 07795 011812