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Saturday 10 December 2011

More Training and the new generation of Print qualifications written by GQA

Apprentices at MORE TRAINING are embarking on a brand new programme of learning. Apprentices in the printing industry are working towards brand new qualifications in Screen Printing, Digital, Offset Litho, Flexography and Print Finishing. More Training have adopted a new approach to Print technical certificates using work based projects and assignments rather than traditional examination routes. These projects offer greater depth and a more meaningful and relevant experience than revising for an exam.

Shane Eldershaw Programme Manager for More Training said “Although we had an excellent pass rate for the technical certificates, we found that our students spent a lot of time preparing for exams and then retained very little of the information once they had passed. We have demonstrated through our portfolios that students learn in greater depth when they can see the relevance of what they are doing.

The new GQA Technical Certificate dovetails nicely with the NVQ as it complements the knowledge required to carry out their job. This was something that students previously struggled with when studying for exams. We feel that the new qualifications are achievable without compromising the quality and standard of work required for the printing industry. This mode of study allows all of our students to fully utilise experiential learning and retain the information in order to apply it in the workplace.”

Sean Hayes GQA External Verifier and Technical Officer said “It has been really interesting to see how More Training and other GQA Approved Print Centres have welcomed the flexibility the GQA approach to Technical Certificate delivery and assessment offers them. I have met Shane and the team at More Training several times now and have been extremely impressed with their positive attitude and desire to deliver quality”