GQA Qualifications Blog

Saturday 10 December 2011

What’s next from GQA?

There are some new qualifications available from GQA that will give our Industries even greater opportunities to “be better qualified” with specific qualifications to suit the ever increasing need for proof of competence across an ever widening range of occupations.

The latest approved qualifications are Glass and Glass related products Distribution and Warehousing at Level s 2 and 3; this part of the glass industry has used generic qualifications, but increasingly GQA and its Centres were asked for something more relevant and glass specific, so after the usual GQA process of development and consultation the 2 qualifications were approved by OFQUAL in early December. Proskills will be adding these to the Apprenticeship Framework in the next few weeks.

There are also 2 new qualifications in development to add to the suite available to the Print Industry; Level 3 Carton Manufacture has the proposed units drafted and these will be circulated for consultation early in January with a target date for availability of March.

Another suggestion from a GQA Approved Print Centre is the need for a qualification for the large numbers of businesses who do “a bit of everything”; there are specific qualifications for those involved with Machine Printing, Print Finishing and Digital, however these are not always suitable for all. The qualification has a working title of “Reprographics” and will be made up of a combination of existing units across the range of qualifications with only 1 or 2 additional units required. This qualification again is hoped to be ready for around March 2012.

Back to the Glass Industry and there are further additional qualifications in different stages of development: we have been working for some time on a qualification with the working title of “Craft Glass”: this will be suitable for Glass Blowers, glass bead and jewellery makers and other specialist skills in this unique industry. GQA has had great support in the development of these units from The Liquid Glass Centre and Lynn Maddison a freelance teacher. It is hoped to have this also finalised and available early 2012.

Another priority is to develop an additional qualification for the Photovoltaic Industry: as you know we do have a Level 2 qualification for the Installation of Photovoltaic Panels, we will have a Level 3 qualification for the Surveying and Maintenance of Photovoltaic Systems available soon.

Other qualifications in various stages of development and/or consideration include Architectural Stained Glass, Solar Thermal Panel Installation, Glass Manufacturing Level 3 and a suite of Continued Competence qualifications. We are also looking to develop some qualifications that will give an introduction to the Glass Industry: possibly for use within schools or as a Foundation Level of qualification.

A lot of priorities! But as you know GQA has always supported its Centres and Industries in developing quality, fit for purpose qualifications, we can only do this with the input and expertise from you-if you wish to be involved in the development and consultation process of these or any other areas you think we need to consider please contact the GQA Office.