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Monday 12 March 2012

Automotive Glazing

 Many years ago the main purpose of the glass in the car was to offer the driver some protection from the elements, but this is now far from the case. Modern vehicles get up to 30% of their structural strength from correctly installed glass, and advances in vehicle glazing has seen toughened glass (that shatters in thousands of tiny fragments) replaced with the much safer laminated glass, and the introduction of integrated technology such as heat reflective glass, acoustic glass, built in radio, phone and satellite navigation equipment and even double glazed door windows. Windscreen repair is now also a major part of the workload of Automotive Glazing Technicians as well as the many “Repair only” Companies.

These advances in technology and safety, and the increased demand from customers for proof of competence from those working on their vehicles mean it is more important than ever for relevant, up to date qualifications to be available. GQA has qualifications for Automotive Glazing at Level 2 and Level 3,; both of which can satisfy the requirements of PAS 125 (if achieved within the last 3 years),  and a Level 2 qualification in Windscreen Repair and in addition to these there is also a Level 3 qualification for those in Supervisory roles.

Recently GQA has introduced the Level 3 Award for Continued Competence in Automotive Glazing; a nationally recognised way of proving current competence. This route is a way to keep compliant with the requirements of PAS 125 and also a way to demonstrate to customers and potential customers the ability to work to nationally agreed standards.
For details of GQA’s Automotive Glazing and Windscreen Repair qualifications and Centres approved to offer them visit