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Monday 12 March 2012

Glass & Glass Related Distribution and Warehousing

Manufacture of glass and related products obviously covers a complex and wide range of processes and materials, and in a great number of cases the product has to be installed. If the product is not for installation it is highly unlikely that it will be used where it has been manufactured so this is where a very important link in the chain comes to the fore: Distribution and Warehousing.

 The products are ever more complex, and often more expensive, to manufacture; and as lead times are important allied with the current trend not to stockpile products, this means that the need for cost-effective, efficient and safe handling and movement of stock is more important than ever. Although there have been generic warehousing qualifications used in the Glass Industries, the specific issues and requirements involved with glass and glass related products are now recognised by the introduction of specialist qualifications at Level 2 and Level 3 in Glass and Glass related products Distribution and Warehousing.

The Level 2 qualification has a wide range of optional units to allow as many people as possible employed in this industry the opportunity to complete a relevant role-specific qualification. The Level 3 is likewise wide ranging and is more appropriate for the experienced employee or ones with more responsibility for certain aspects of the Distribution and Warehousing working environment.

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