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Thursday 11 October 2012

1st GQA Glass Warehousing Achiever with CTS Ltd

Construction Training Specialist Ltd is the first GQA centre to see candidates achieve one of the new Glass and Glass Related Distribution and Warehousing Qualifications.

CTS Ltd, one of East Anglia’s leading construction training centres, have recently delivered the first GQA Glass and Glass Related Distribution and Warehousing Qualification in what is both a milestone achievement and confirmation of their mission to continually excel in the delivery of training and qualifications. 

The first Glass Related Distribution and Warehousing Qualification was achieved by Jonathan Sizeland who was among the ten GQA qualifications achieved by staff at Sunflex UK, the company manufactures aluminium window and door systems and specialise in bi-fold door systems.
Works Manager Jonathan Barrell engaged with CTS Ltd to deliver a programme of upskilling and qualification of staff in order to meet the competitive challenges of the future.
Jonathan Sizeland is now working in Australia where he has used his newly gained qualification to secure a job in the industry.

Assessor Bill Scrimshaw said “At CTS we have built a reputation for quality and delivered a number of GQA qualifications across many aspects of the Glass Industries, and the introduction of the Distribution and Warehousing qualification gave us another opportunity. I wish Jonathan success in his new life and I am currently working with his UK replacement”

  Bill added “I have always believed that people are the key to our success and future growth, by passing on knowledge and skills through training, development and qualification we will guarantee the future of our industry. I found the qualification relevant, fit for purpose and it was very well received by the staff at Sunflex.”

Sean Hayes GQA External Verifier for CTS said “It is good to see a well-established and respected GQA Centre taking on new qualifications to upskill workers in a part of the Glass Industry that until now has not had a specific qualification available. I would like to congratulate the staff at Sunflex and the team at CTS on this achievement”