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Tuesday 4 February 2014

AD-E “ Resistance to the passage of sound”, is this next for the Fenestration industry?

 For a number of years the improvement and advances in glass technology has steadily progressed to our current state. As you may be aware, the thermal efficiency of glass is at the point where it is hard to believe that further advancement is possible, let alone achievable, but the efforts to reduce our carbon footprint through energy efficient glass and glazing will continue.
The need to reduce all forms of pollutants is ever growing and a natural progression within our industry could lead to a reduction in the pollution of noise. Noise, and the effects of noise, is a main factor in our wellbeing and has been a major contributor to the discomfort of people’s lives for many years, potentially leading to a number of serious health problems that continue in today’s society with road associated noise, lawnmowers, trains, aircraft, people noise, music and so on.
So what might be next? I feel that the next inclusion to affect the Fenestration industry could be linked to regulation E (sound). Regulation E already takes into consideration noise pollution, and the reduction of noise pollution, within refurbishments, new dwellings and acoustic conditions within our schools. Removing or reducing the passage of sound through our glazing is a natural progression something all home owners will surely welcome. Triple glazing has been around for a long time and is effective in the reduction of sound but can become very heavy to handle and may or may not have a long term effect on the operation and effectiveness of the sash.
With today’s advancement in the properties of acoustics incorporated within the interlayers of laminated glass we can still install high energy efficient double glazed units, reduce the pollution from noise and minimise the weight of the triple glazed units being handled and installed.
Will the next inclusion that affects the Fenestration sector be the addition of approved document - (E- resistance to Sound)?
Andy Carrington
GQA External Quality Advisor/Technical Officer