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Friday 14 February 2014

CITB grants for GQA construction NVQ qualifications

I have been asked on a number occasions with reference to GQA Qualifications current construction qualifications and eligibility for CITB grants.
Firstly you should never assume grants are automatically available as there are certain factors to take into consideration, such as is my company registered and in scope to CITB? If so is your levy return completed and up to date?
I contacted CITB for clarification and was told,
"As the majority of GQA’s qualifications are currently NVQ these grants will be relevant. The following is a link to our pages on the website explaining what is and what isn’t grant aided.
In the next few months GQA will be offering a number of Construction technical certificates which, in conjunction with the relevant QCF NVQ plus functional skills, will contribute to full apprenticeship frameworks, so I asked if they would be eligible for CITB grant. 
CITB responded with:
"When you have established the GQA apprenticeships – the apprenticeship grants will apply
Here is a statement that can be used to clarify Apprenticeship grant eligibility.  I have also added a link to the relevant document on the site.
The minimum requirement for CITB approved training is 35 days attendance each year on an approved day release or block release course, which leads to an approved Diploma and National Vocational Qualification (NVQ) in a construction related occupation and forms an integral part of an apprenticeship framework.
I would also add that if you are in anyway in doubt you would be well advised to contact your regional CITB office or contact your local Company Development officer (CDA) who will be able to give you specific advice.
Phil Douglas
GQA EQA/Technical Officer