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Friday 14 March 2014

Get to Know GQA Staff - Spotlight on Sean Hayes

Sean is Head of Qualification Development and Delivery and has worked for GQA since September 2009

Best Part of Working for GQA:
Working with a great bunch of people

Married? Kids?
Married to Jayne with two children Daniel 28 and Sarah 23

Star Sign:

Favourite Colour:

My Family

Two Faced People

Weekend for Sean:
I spend a fair bit of time shovelling horse manure as we have horses at home.  Washing my white Nissan Juke and watching football over the internet as I am too tight to have sky television.

Favourite Moto:
“You have to accept that some days you are the pigeon, other days you are the statue”

Favourite Food:

What’s on when you drive?
My IPod. Barry Manilow, Robbie Williams, Take That - anything I can sing along too.

Book or Film?
Film my favourite being Top Gun

Favourite TV?
Friends and Top Gear

Favourite Holiday Destination?

Embarrassing Moment:
When working for my last employer a middle aged man came in with a very attractive much younger lady for work done on her vehicle.  When the work was completed I asked who was paying for the work and the young women pointed to the man.  I commented along the lines of “that’s what dads are for” to which the man replied “I’m not her dad, she is my girlfriend”.  My only response was to shake the man’s hand and say “congratulations”.

Proudest Moment(s):
When my daughter Sarah graduated from university and when my son Daniel got his wings as a pilot