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Monday 17 March 2014

Get to Know GQA Staff - Spotlight on Jodie Bradley

Jodie is the Administration and Database Assistant and has been with GQA since March 2011.

Best Part of Working for GQA:

Working with the GQA Team

Married? Kids?

Living with long term partner Tom and Dog Lola.  No children yet but would like in future.

Star Sign:


Favourite Colour:

Pink and Blue


My Family, Friends and Lola my dog


Spiders, Snakes and Sunday Drivers

Favourite Moto:

Everything happens for a reason

Favourite Food:

Sunday Roast, Pizza, Fish Finger Sandwiches and Fry Ups

What’s on when you drive?

Radio: Capital FM, Anything by One Direction

Book or Film?

Film my favourites being Sex in the City 1 and 2

Favourite TV?

Friends, Sex in the City, Jeremy Kyle, Law and Order, All British Soups and CSI.  Bit of a telly

Favourite Holiday Destination?

Canaries and Jamaica

Embarrassing Moment:
While in the GQA office the topic of Tom Jones came up and I mentioned to everyone in the office that I thought Tom Jones was from the US because he was good friends with Elton John!  Everyone in the office burst into laughter, but I can honestly say up to that point I was convinced they were both American.

Proudest Moment(s):

Meeting Tom.  Seeing my nephew for the first time and getting my dog Lola.