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Thursday 17 April 2014

Get to know GQA Staff - Spotlight on Emma Barnsley

Emma is the Customer Relations Assistant and has been with GQA Since May 2008

Best Part of Working for GQA:

Working with a great bunch of people, that are an extension on my family

Married? Kids?

Married to Wayne and one son Jacob who is 2

Star Sign:


Favourite Colour:



My Husband, My son, Family and friends. Music and dancing



Favourite Moto:

Live for today not tomorrow

Favourite Food:

Mexican, Roast Dinners and Chocolate Cake

What’s on when you drive?

Radio: Hallam FM. I’m not fussy any type of music apart from Abba

Book or Film?

Book. But my favourite films are Top Gun, Dirty Dancing and 16 Candles

Favourite TV?

Call the Midwife

Favourite Holiday Destination?


Embarrassing Moment:

I used to go and watch my husband play football and was once stood outside the changing rooms waiting for him to finish getting ready and I was just stood staring into oblivion like you do, when I heard a lot of shouting, I then snapped out of my trance to realise I was staring straight into the football changing rooms with all the team walking around completely naked, the jokes that Wayne’s girlfriend was a peeping tom carried on for years.

Proudest Moment(s):

Marrying my best friend and giving birth to our son.