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Wednesday 9 April 2014

Get to know GQA Staff - Spotlight on Laura Day

Laura is the Systems Assistant and has been with GQA since September 2011.

Best Part of Working for GQA:
Working with the GQA Team and meeting new friends

Married? Kids?

Single, live with my dog Bailey

Star Sign:


Favourite Colour:



My Family, Friends and Bailey my Cavalier King Charles Spaniel


Spiders and anything that flaps

Favourite Moto:

Live for today not tomorrow

Favourite Food:

Sunday Roast

What’s on when you drive?

Radio: Hallam FM, Take That and Elvis

Book or Film?

Film my favourites being Far and Away, Dirty Dancing and Lady and the Tramp

Favourite TV?

Sex in the City and Jeremy Kyle

Favourite Holiday Destination?


Embarrassing Moment:

While driving home from work on a summer’s day with the windows open a very large black bird came through the open window and landed on my lap but the bird was already dead.  I instantly hit the brakes and screamed which stopped all the traffic and attracted the attention of all the people sat outside the pub at the time.

Proudest Moment(s):

Watching my sister get married and being at the birth of my Nephew Jack.