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Monday 8 June 2015

GQA delighted to be a part of Network VEKA conference

GQA was delighted to play a part in the recent Network VEKA AGM and Business Centre as a part of its on-going relationship with the company.
With MTC’s being such a major factor in the industry at present, GQA was on hand to talk to Network Veka members about what they need to do to ensure their continuing compliance with industry standards and best practices.
“We appreciated being asked to get involved at the Network VEKA AGM and Business Centre this year” says CEO Mick Clayton. 

“We have worked alongside the team there for some time now and are happy to support them in any way we can.  With MTC’s being such a prominent topic of conversation, it was especially important this year”.
“It was really encouraging to see so many of their members being interested in ensuring their continuing compliance with industry standards through qualifications, and that the interest came from all quarters of the country”.

“Also really encouraging to us was the number of companies who want to develop employees through apprenticeships and really commit to training and qualifications – we have spoken often about the importance of young people and how it is really important that as an industry we do more to encourage them into our industry”.
“Network VEKA’s Academy is a great start point for this and they should be applauded for the initiatives they are taking in this regard.  Along with the Vocational College we are delighted to be formal partners within this and look forward to many years of issuing GQA qualifications to young people throughout the industry”.
Speaking for Network VEKA John Ogilvie explained the importance to them of the relationship “GQA Qualifications are a key affiliate partner of our network and have been very successful in improving the skills of our member companies, not only for installers and surveyors but for other areas of business too.  As the industry matures it is really encouraging to see members invest in the people who will ultimately be the future of their business”.
GQA has been writing qualifications for and with the industry for over 25 years