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Wednesday 30 May 2012

1st round of GQA CPD events well received

Following on from our 2nd Conference in November 2011, and following requests from  Approved Centres, GQA ran 5 CPD events during April and May. There were 3 topics covered: Best practice in Assessment, Professional Discussion and the new Assessor and IQA awards. To give the opportunity for as many Centres as possible the events took place across a number of venues. 

The events were attended by Assessors, Internal Verifiers and Centre Coordinators from the Glass and Print industries, with all welcoming the chance to compare their Centres and Industries. Feedback from those attending was very positive with all asking to be kept informed on future events and offering suggestions for other topics to cover. 

The following is just a selection of the comments received:
  • “Rewarding and informative, will use information gained in my job role”- David Edwards, NLTG 
  • “Very useful day to clarify some questions”- Chris Whitehead, Manchester College School of Printing
  • “Very good, helping me to focus on areas within my own Centre” –Tony Blake, Schueco
  • “Realised how far we have come - facilitator was very good”- Roy Pusey, NLTG
  • “Good opportunity to see how other industries assess”- Geoff Lowe, Manchester College School of Printing
  • “Interesting and informative, will definitely use the knowledge gained today”- Tony Green, Autowindscreens
  • “Feel I gained clarification on changes to aid reinforcement of our own systems and procedures”-Jo Taylor, IPS International
  • “As someone new to assessing I got so much information and knowledge”-Ray Yonnish, Freelance Assessor
  • “Good course, made enjoyable and all topics were covered”- John Cook, Pilkington
  • “Understanding and knowledge of new Assessor requirements is now much clearer, very good”-Lee Harland, IPS International 

The events were delivered by GQA External Verifier Martin Sadler, supported by GQA Technical Officer/EV Sean Hayes. Martin said “It was a pleasure to be able to help our Centres understand the changes in assessment and Quality Assurance and also get them to share best practice and look at new assessment methods, as the GQA mantra is “advice, support and guidance” the opportunity to be involved in delivering CPD events was too good a chance to miss” 

Sean said “It was good to have Centres from Print and the wide ranging Glass industries attending the same event; the commitment to quality shown by all those attending was great to see. I would also like to thank the Centres who generously helped by providing venues and catering facilities and look forward to the next series of CPD events and hope even more of you take the time to attend”

Venues were provided by North Lancs Training Group, The Vocational College, Schueco, Autowindscreens and CTS Ltd. 

If you would like information on future events or have particular topics you would like to see GQA run CPD events on then please email GQA or speak to your External Verifier.